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Our Services

Here at Above Ground Pools Ottawa, we strive to be the best.

Whether we are installing a new pool, used pool or a patio. 

We take the time and care needed to ensure the job is done correctly.

We also don't take deposits and have no cancellation fees, so it is risk free to book in with us.


Above Ground Pool Installation

Our skilled team completes above ground pool installations, with care and precision.

We build higher quality pool bases/ foundations,

than most other pool installers, in or around Ottawa.

With the freeze and thaws of the Canadian winters.

A solid pool base is necessary, for any above ground pool. We hate to see a good pool damaged, because it was installed without a solid base.

Included in our installation service is:

Full ground prep plus foundation, installation of the pool, liner and pool equipment.

Depending on your location, we can also arrange a water truck to fill your pool. 

If you buy a pool, and you need it installed.

Please contact us.


Pool liner installation

Offering installations for all types of above ground pool liners.

The quality of a liner installation can directly impact the lifetime of a liner.

Extra sand and floor re leveling, is included when necessary, with all of our liner installations. 

As well as minor fixes if needed with each install. 

There are a few things to consider when having a liner installed.

However the most important thing to remember,

if you are in need of a new liner is.

You must measure correctly to get both, diameter example 18 ft. and wall height example 52 inches.

With this information you can order the correct size liner you need. 

With the measurements in hand, you are ready to order the liner style and pattern you want.

In the correct size and height you require.

Contact us, once your liner is ordered or on the way,

to book in your liner installation.

More Services we Offer

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